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Manufacturing technolgies

Our factory, relying on its many years of experience  producing rings, has created four basic manufacturing technologies:

 Technology of individual  casting with contour turning. This is the basic technology which has been known for many years.

Sleeve casting technology with contour turning. This is a technology developed by our engineers applied inter alia in the production

of ductile iron rings S14. With this technology, the ring has a very good quality and performance. The production process itself

allows for  multiple quality checksduring all manufacturing stages.

Technology rings made of steel strip is considered today as the most modern technology. The rings are made through shape coilin

or round curling  and further undergoing  thermal treatment. Technology applied for rings of steel is the most

inexpensive manufacturing process and the most favorable for the environment.

The production technology for piston rings made of sintered iron powder is used for rings for dampers manufacturing. This method

allows for saving material while  small diameter rings are manufactured.   For production of castings for these rings,  two

technologies are applied: individual-forming casting and centrifugal sleeve casting