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ul. Liściasta 17
91-357 Łódź
tel 042 617 41 23
fax 042 650 71 61


Our company was established in 1945. Initially, we dealt with capital repairs of vehicle fleets. With time, the company started to

manufacture parts for car and motorcycle engine repair, such as piston rings, cylinders, sprockets and cylinder sleeves. Since 1951,

we have been specializing in piston ring manufacturing and since 1959 this production has became the main part of our sales. In

July 1997, the company was transformed from a state enterprise into a joint stock company. Currently, our factory total production

capacity is about 20 million rings per year.

We offer a full range of ring construction applicable to any vehicles and equipment available on the market. In order to continuously

improve product design,  as well as its manufacturing technologies, the company, runs a broad co-operation

with research centers as well as with scientific and research institutes in the country, apart from use of own technical and research